Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

"When Youth Gone Wild" Photo Session


Thrilling moment like it seems, with some music and beer, we rocked the boat that never sink..you think you girls, overcame us?our glimmering passions just as simple as light that burn our cigarettes..with the song from The Ordinary Boys, we made history..
I've had nights I will never forget
I've had nights I will always regret
but I can take it on the chin,
and say "Boys Will Be Boys"

There's been girls that have stolen our hearts,
but the others said they couldn't be prised apart
whoever let's us in they say "Boys Will Be Boys"

The Ordinary Boys - Boys Will Be Boys


I have an answer to describe me..once since my father gave me his wisdom words.."dear son, be responsible to yourself, act gentle to women, and be yourself,just don't act naive.."
so this is me,acting like who i am..

Photographers : Yefta Gilbert & Babon Van Brulapen
Talent : Me, RM Widihasmoro Risang Suryo Hapsoro, Babon Van Brulapen, Dimas Hendrajaya
Location : AFFAIRS Premium Store, Yogyakarta

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