Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Adios Miss C

Hello there mates...how are you all doing?

recently, my friends told me that my blog's layout was good..Uber Thanks mate,just for you know, it took me almost a day, I meant a full bloody long day to finished this layout...Thank God, the result was considered good by you..In this blog, I write the deepest part of my feelings..and yeah, I was not in a good mood to wrote my funny stories, my latest blog was about my deepest regret,was it enough to described my feeling? ^^

one thing I've learned recently, was about the word "Ikhlas"..yeah,ikhlas or let it go..after having a few weeks of my UUMGTIN Program, I finally have a conclusion, that this story of me and her wasn't meant to happened.. I could broke those Religion boundaries, but for what? seeing her crying again? NO, I won't let it happened..honestly, sometimes I still communicate with her, and it feels good..as a human, I can't resist that..this brought me to some of my memories in the past and that made me blushed..

my friend once said,
"She Don't care you're hurting, so why you let yourself hurting? it's better to find your happiness and in that way, you'll get her attention."

yeah, i believed that lately..i think she know it very well, that she's the one that (recently) fill in my heart..I've got the feeling that you are following my blog, just guessing..then, when you read this, I tell you something..

" Hey you, my deepest regret, go catch your man, you move and you find the moment to express your feeling..I hope it will be a good answer, but from now, you should prepare for the worst..if that happens, just make sure you'll call me,I'll cheer you up,that's my promise..take it with no granted..just keep believe in your heart,trust it, and do what your heart wants..I'll watch you from distance now.. you really are not an extraordinary girl, but not an ordinary one either.."

I'll let you go with smile and I'll be singing The Police's song, Every breath you take,Every move you make,Every bond you break,Every step you take..I'll be watching you