Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

My Valentine's day

hey blog..

long time no,it's been such a busy month for band won a japanese band competition two times in a row..yeah!good job from my band..

yesterday was valentine,huh? I didn't really felt that valentine was a special day..maybe because I'm single..hahaha

I just wanna write this down..I think I don't really need to mention someone,you guys already know her from my recent posts.. :)

I can't use such a romantic words,but I hope you'll get the point..

"If I had a chance to life 5 times,hmm,maybe I'll be born in 5 different countries,and will have 5 different jobs..but one thing for sure, I will love the same person 5 times each of my life..and that is you.."

happy valentine's day everybody..