Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

I'm Just Saying..

December 8th..

what's wrong with that date?back then, it was special..now, it's just a date that i looked it as an ordinary day..

for the stories that buried for a year..a celebration of a couple's love..and a separation, 12 days later..Is it because of our Gods?

I'm sorry if i make you sad, i didn't know..you kept the truth yourself without giving me a chance to listen..sorry for making you a" Suwung girl" for couple of months..If I knew, I would stay by your side, cause you deserve a laugh..now it's too late..just like you said on your note, if you had someone special,keep it..don't be afraid to speak up your mind, but don't use your anger..Think carefully before you take any decision..I'll learn from that..when you woke up in the morning, and face the sunshine with smile..it means God hear my pray to you in the silence of night..God loves you more than me, so i let God to take care of you now..

and there..set your wings and fly high dear, you deserve better, and so do I..remember me smiling at you back then, and you smiled back at me at a coffeeshop, we shake our hands, and say our names..that's the moment i'll never forget..and i hope it remains on you too..

I don't wanna make any redemption in here..

that's all...I'm just saying...

The silence isn't so bad..Till I look at my hands and feel sad
Cause the spaces between my fingers..Are right where yours fit perfectly

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight