Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

a perfect runaway..

I never think and learn..
always come to the same path..
dilemma was my closest friend..
and broken was my perfect answer..

looking back but never succeed..
in the same path i always be a loser..
never learn and stuck in the sarcastic mind..
a human was just as wild as an animal..

cause when everything failed
run and dissapear is the best answer..
i'm not gonna judge no one here..
it's me,myself,and her...
the unspoken one..

1 komentar:

DiaryBobrok mengatakan...

i love this ...yup..tadinya cari tentang perfect runaway tuk judul foto..tapi nyasar kesini..

but i love this..enjoy and dalemm banget...

keep writing yaaa...